Compensation Plan

We are excited to introduce you to our comprehensive and rewarding Compensation Plan. Our compensation plan is designed to empower our members to achieve their financial goals by leveraging our innovative business model and diverse income streams. Read on to discover the key components of our Compensation Plan and how they can help you unlock your true earning potential.

At JMJ Venture, we believe in the power of retailing. Our Compensation Plan offers generous commissions on product sales, allowing you to earn immediate profits by retailing our high-quality products to customers. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions or online retailing, our retailing component provides a solid foundation for your business success.

Our Binary system provides an exciting opportunity for team building and exponential growth. With the Binary component, you can build two separate teams: a left team and a right team. As your teams grow and generate sales volume, you will earn commissions based on the overall sales volume of your lesser performing team. This balanced approach encourages collaboration and teamwork, enabling you to maximize your earnings potential.

The Uni-Level component of our Compensation Plan allows you to build a wide and deep organization. With Uni-Level, you can personally enroll new members and help them build their own teams. As your organization expands horizontally, you can earn commissions on the sales volume generated by your entire organization. This long-term approach rewards your leadership and dedication to building a strong and sustainable network.

Our StairSteps component rewards your individual efforts and achievements. As you hit specific sales targets and reach higher ranks within the company, you will earn increasing commissions and bonuses. This incentivizes personal growth, provides recognition for your hard work, and encourages you to continuously push your limits.

The Uni-Pay Plan is a powerful component of our Compensation Plan that combines the best elements of the Uni-Level and Binary systems. With Uni-Pay, you can build a balanced and deep organization while also earning commissions on the sales volume of your entire organization. This hybrid approach provides you with multiple income streams and ensures that you can maximize your earning potential from various sources.