1. Any person of legal age (18 years old and above), corporation, partnership or legal entity may apply and become an AIM Global Distributor;
  1. ON FAMILIARIZATION OF THE COMPANY POLICY. Each Distributor, upon signing the application form or registering on the Distributors’ website, agrees to abide by AIM Global’s Policies. The placing of order for products with AIM Global is a reaffirmation of such commitment to abide by the company policies.
  1. AIM Global Distributors shall remain loyal to the company and its policies and are not allowed to join any other Multilevel Marketing (MLM) companies while they are an active member of AIM Global, Inc.
  1. ON INTENTIONAL DISREGARD OF COMPANY POLICIES. Intentional acts of omission and disregard for company policies by a Distributor shall be dealt with accordingly, which may result to termination of membership and/or legal action for damages.
  1. As an AIM Global Distributor he/she/it can now engage in the direct selling of all AIM Global products and services (e.g. Health and wellness commodities) and shall be entitled to corresponding commissions, rebates discounts and privileges given by the company. Resigned or terminated Distributors, however, are no longer entitled to avail of the aforementioned commissions and benefits.
  1. ONE PRICE POLICY. Selling of Global Package and/or products above or below the approved price is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Violation of which will mean termination of distributorship.       
  1. RELATIONSHIP AND REPRESENTATION. AIM Global members are considered “Independent Distributors” and as such, there shall be no employer-employee relationship between them and AIM Global, Inc. AIM Global, Inc. shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation made by its Distributors.
  1. AIM Global, Inc. is authorized to deduct corresponding taxes derived from the sales, commissions and/or rebates of a Distributor.
  1. ON PROXY DISTRIBUTORSHIP. A Distributorship, and any resulting group, created or operated by proxy, whether intentionally or inadvertently, is not allowed and shall be adjusted for compliance with company policies.
  1. NEW PRODUCT POLICY. For AIM Global Distributors to earn rebates on a new product he/she/it must buy the new product on the month of its release. This is on top of the personal monthly maintenance. But on the following month will return to the original personal monthly maintenance.
  1. All AIM Global products shall NOT be sold in any retail stores such as Pharmacies, Drug Stores, PX Shops, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and the like as this will directly compete with the Business Center Office (BCO) and satellite offices nationwide.
  1. ON PRODUCT CODES. All product codes are valid for 60 days, product codes beyond 60 days will automatically expire and it is not replaceable. It is the distributor’s responsibility to monitor the expiration of the product codes.
  1. The company reserves the right to modify, revise and update its existing policies and business plan for the best interest of AIM Global, Inc. and its Distributors without prior notice.
  1. ON PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. Distributors agree not to use any written, printed, recorded or any other materials (other than those approved by AIM Management) in advertising, promoting or describing the products or AIM Marketing Program, or in any other manner, any material, which has not been approved by AIM Management before being disseminated, published or displayed. The use, production or sale of any sales materials created by a Distributor which has no prior written approval from AIM Management is strictly prohibited.
  1. MULTIPLE HEADS/SLOTS. AIM Global Distributors shall be allowed to purchase only up to the maximum allowable product packages.
  1. ON RE-SELLING OF ACCOUNTS/HEADS/SLOTS. Re-selling of accounts/heads/slots of a Distributor is strictly NOT ALLOWED to any individual whether he or she belongs to the same group, cross line, up line, down line, relative or otherwise. This is prohibited under DTI regulations.
  1. ON TRANSFERING TO ANOTHER GROUP. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activity that involves the soliciting of any Distributor to transfer/move to a different group by making offers such as, but not limited to, free slots, marketing support, financial support, etc.
  1. PROHIBITION ON BONUS BUYING. Bonus Buying includes:
  1. Registration of individuals without the knowledge of and/or execution of an Independent Distributor Application Form by such individual;
  2. The fraudulent registration of an individual as a Distributor;
  3. The registration or attempted registration of non-existent individuals as Distributors to qualify for bonus or commissions;
  4. Any other ways or mechanisms by which strategic purchases are made to maximize commissions or bonuses when a Distributor does not have a bona fide use for the products purchased.

PROHIBITION ON BUY-INS. Buy-In is the purchase of products exceeding the amount allowed to meet immediate sales needs. Such act is not permitted and will lead to the termination of the Distributors’ account.

To discourage any Distributor from Bonus Buying and Buy-In Prohibitions the Company reserves the right to pay or not to pay any bonus or commission to the Distributor and up lines who benefited from such transactions. Distributor/s who took part in the Bonus Buying and/or Buy-In will be dealt with severely, which may include termination and/or legal action for damages.

  1. RE-SPONSORING POLICY. Except for authorized re-sponsoring, it is against company policy for any distributor to change sponsors. AIM will only consider the first valid registration and any subsequent applications or registrations will not be allowed. 
  1. ON RE-INVENTING THE MARKETING SCHEME.  The Hybrid Marketing Plan of Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. is a combination of Binary, Uni level and Stair step plan, it is a sharing or selling of products and sharing or selling the business plan to prospective client and the Global Package. It  is NOT an INVESTMENT SCHEME where in, it will be presented to people who will be called as INVESTORS and in return get a huge percentage as interest while doing nothing upon placing a huge sum of money as their INVESTMENT, This is NOT the scheme of Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. Any individual or group who will present, join, promote or has a connection in any way directly or indirectly will  be dealt with severely, which may include termination and/or legal action for damages. The company will NOT be held liable if a distributor/s joins the said unauthorized investment even if he/she does’nt know the policy. Due diligence is expected on each distributor/individual if he/she is being asked to pay more than the approved Product Package.
  1. ON TRANSFERRING OF ACCOUNT. Account/s can only be transferred if the owner of the account passed away and it is transferrable only to immediate legal beneficiary.
  1. IN CASE OF VIOLATION. An AIM Global Distributor must observe the company’s rules, regulations and Code of Ethics. Violation of which will mean automatic deactivation, suspension or termination of account. After deactivation of an account, the Distributor is given two (2) months to clarify the issues pertaining to the deactivation by reporting to the management in person. Non-compliance will lead to the permanent deactivation of the account.